This Is 50: An Introduction

I know, I know … it’s been a long time since I last posted. How dare I call myself a writer when I haven’t been taking care of my own blog? It’s been a crazy year, though: In addition to turning 50, I moved to Norway. Norway! I’m an expat, y’all!

The last several months have seen so many things, starting with a surprise birthday party thrown by my amazing husband. Also in there? I was in the room where it happened! Yep. That’s right: I saw Hamilton in New York City thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Neva, a woman I’ve been best friends with since we were 11, and her wife, Jill. More details will follow, but I’ll tell you this much now: The seats were insane.

I plan to catch up on all of it, from turning 50 to Hamilton to the move. And of course there will be an  update (or many, many updates) on my new life as an immigrant in Bergen. #ThisIs50.

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