Hi. We are the Holtars, a refreshingly modern family. I’m Sonya, the representative American person of color. My husband, Espen, is Norwegian. He has three kids from his first marriage. This means have three kids. The oldest of the three, Christine, has two sons, Casper and Axel. In just a little over three years, I’ve gone from being a single woman living alone in her condo to being the stepmom of three, the grandmother of two, and the extraordinarily happy wife of one wonderful man.


My life wasn’t exactly boring before I met Espen, but life these days is definitely way more exciting! Before Espen — or BE — my weekends were filled with errands, (too much) TV, and the occasional sewing or other mildly artistic craft project. After Espen — AE — there’s rarely a free weekend! His tremendous love of music and thirst to see as much as possible in his life means that free time is filled with countless concerts, road trips, and other assorted getaways. I’ve seen more concerts and gone more places in just the last three years than I did in my entire 40+ years BE!

Basically, life is grand.