Years ago while watching Patsy and Edina escape to Morocco for a little vacay, a spark ignited in me. I’d never given the country much thought before then, but seeing them walk through the souk in Marrakesh was enough for me add the city to my Lust List. However, given that the probability of my visiting it someday was about as likely as … well, … Continue reading Morocco

Of Anniversaries … and Anniversaries

Five years ago today, March 9, I met a tall, handsome Norwegian man for a movie. We sat on that bench up there and talked for a bit while we waited to go into the theater. Long story short, I now live in Norway.  It’s no small move, emigrating from your home country, especially considering I lived in my hometown for 24 years before moving … Continue reading Of Anniversaries … and Anniversaries

Road Trip: New England and Canada

Our first vacation together was to the Dominican Republic back in February 2014. Espen had booked seven days in Santo Domingo. Turns out, that nation’s capital doesn’t have seven days’ worth of things to see. (Believe me, there will be a post about that trip at some point.) After visiting pretty much everything worth seeing in a day and a half, Espen insisted on forgoing the rest of … Continue reading Road Trip: New England and Canada