Life’s a Trip. Join Us for the Ride.

Greetings! Thanks for visiting. Chances are that this site looks different from the last time you might have visited. There’s a good reason for that: I’m still figuring out which template I like and where I want stuff. For example, do I want blog posts on this page, or shall I keep them on a separate page with this home page reserved for announcements and whatnot? Sounds like an easy enough decision to make, and yet I’ve obsessed about it for far too long.

The original plan for this website was to serve as a one-stop shop to share our travels with our families and friends. Then I started thinking about all the roads that have led me to this place in my life. Life is about being presented with choices. Different roads lead to different things, different experiences … like all the roads that led me to that fateful night when I met Espen. Who knew it would lead to this amazing life?!

So now this site is about that, too.

More information about us can be found in the About section. Since my husband is from Bergen, Norway, I thought a page about this gorgeous city was a good idea. I’m not sure yet what will go there, but we’ll see. You can reach it here; at least until there’s more content, you can enjoy the gorgeous photo by Alena Stalmashonak/Shutterstock featuring the city center from one of the seven mountains that surround this magical seaside city. (OMG! It’s such a beautiful city!)  There’s also a Contact page should you have questions. (By the way, all these pages are also accessible via the menu at the top of the page.)

Last but not least, check out The Road, the blog about our journeys near and far, literal and figurative. Life’s a trip. Join us for the ride.